Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Of Books and Vloggers

As promised, here is the linksy to my collaborative blog that I am doing about vlogging and books and shtuffs.

So yeah. There's a book review as well as a little thing about us, so if you're curious you can go check it out. We'd love to see you guys there!

So blog!!

Live Long and Prosper, and DFTBA.

Monday, May 5, 2014

I Feel Like A Bad Blog Runner...Person...Thing

I am horrendous at keeping blogs and journals.

I deeply apologize that it has been this long since my last update. So many things have happened, but I
haven't had the time to update, and when I did...well...I procrastinated.

But not anymore!!

My goal is to keep this semi-updated, which I will be more strict about once summer rolls around. I will also *hopefully* do the Post Everyday In July challenge thinggy I did...two years ago?...this year. So yeah. That's something to look forward to.

Also, I have started another tumblr blog for fan fictions, and I will post the link to that eventually, because maybe you guys will be interested in reading some of my stuff.

Furthermore, I will be collaborating on yet another blog (I know, I have a busy schedule) with a good friend of mine, that will be about books and vlogging and possible nerd references...Oh who am I kidding? All of the nerd references will be there.

All of them.

Once again, I will post more information in my next entry, once I get everything set up for it.

Since my last update, I've gotten into a lot more fandoms as well. I've gotten more into Homestuck, so that will probably be a regular thing that I talk about on here, too.

I guess the main reason I put this was to let you guys know that I'm not dead, and that I will be updating more and more and *hopefully* restore this blog to it's former glory.

Gabriel, watch your language. There are children
on this page, damn it.

Live Long and Prosper...and DFTBA.

And Happy Birthday, Hank Green. *pulls the string to a confetti popper*

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Good News Everyone!

Guys...I just made another blog.

I have a boatload of gifs that I can use on here now.
Thanks tumblr!

That's right, gentlepeople, I have made another blog. And this one has to do with feelings (dun dun duuun!)

The link for it is here if your interested. I haven't posted much, just kind of an introductory-post, but there will be more eventually...hopefully.

I'm kind of nervous about the whole thing. I kind of have this feeling that I'll run into some problems, but that's to be expected, right? I mean, we can't all have the ability to get things to work on the first time.

It's going to be a lot deeper, and hopefully a bit more...erm...meaningful than this one. Not that this one isn't great, it's just that my other one will get a bit more...philosophical and emotional? I dunno, I thought I'd try something with this other blog and see how it goes.

So, yeah...I guess that's it.

Live Long and Prosper...and DFTBA.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hi, Guys!

Ohai people. Have you missed me yet?


I have a feeling the answer is "no", but for the sake of my feelings and this post, I'm going to say it's a "yes".

So, anyway, a couple of things.

First, I've been updating tumblr like mad. So, if you want to see a bunch of fandom stuff, the link is in my sidebar...thing. I've changed some things, like the name and the theme. And now I even have an place where you can ask me stuff if you'd like. And I promise that I'll answer them...or at least try to.

Second, I've gotten into Supernatural and OH. MY. GOD. I mean, I've only really gotten to Season 2, plus I've been watching the new ones, but still. I don't think I've cried as much in a series as I have for Supernatural. Which is odd, because I didn't cry for things that most people have cried about, like Reichenbach and Dobby's death, but yet I've cried for Sam and Dean for like, what, five to six episodes in Season 2?
What? Don't judge.

Third, I've also been updating deviantART with some fanfictions and things. I've collaborated with someone on a fanfic, and it turned out beautifully. Probably because she wrote it with me, but still. I put the link to her page on it, and here is the link to the story if you're interested., I've started Minecraft. It's kind of fun, I guess. I tried building a TARDIS house that floats in creative mode...but I'm thinking about destroying it and starting over. It's not exactly how I would like it. I'm still not sure yet. I kind of like survival mode, too, even though you don't have unlimited resourses and you can't fly. I kind of like flying.

Fifth...I can't think of a fifth.

I'll try to update as much as I can, but in the meantime, hang in there. And if you need a daily dose of fandom, there's always my tumblr.


Live Long and Prosper and DFTBA.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shut Piehole Quickly, Rapscallion

Good day, fair readers.

I though I would try and get rid of some of the fangirlish-ness from the last post, so I thought I would use less squeeing and talk to you like a normal human being.

Okay, so news.

First, there have been a few birthdays in the fandoms. First, Andrew Scott (a.k.a. Jim Moriarty) had his birthday on October 21. For those of you who don't know, this is what he looks like.

Andrew Scott (a.k.a. Jim Moriarty) whose adorableness
knows no bounds.
So, I just wanted to say, Happy Belated Birthday, Andrew Scott! May you have many more, and keep being fantastic.

The second birthday of last month was none other than the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. His was a week after Andrew Scott's (on October 28). For those of you who are unaware of his epicness, here is his picture...

Matt Smith (a.k.a. The Eleventh Doctor) whose adorableness
 also knows no bounds.
So, again, Happy Belated Birthday Matt Smith! Keep doing what you do and never forget to be awesome!

(I really don't know why I wrote it as though I were talking to them. They probably never will read this anyway.)

Let's see...what else is new. Besides the fact that Elementary has started, and it's rather addicting, and I may post a full review on here shortly, there really isn't much.

I've also gotten into Thor and The Avengers, and I blame this on tumblr...and friends. However, there will now be much discussion and fangirling over Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth (who there will be a small paragraph over next), Robert Downey, Jr., and the rest of the Avengers cast.

And now, switching to Avenger news, Chris Hemsworth (Thor) is going to be in a new movie along with Josh Peck (from Drake and Josh) and Josh Hutcherson (from The Hunger Games). The movie is called Red Dawn, and it shall be coming out on Thanksgiving (which is like, November 23, I think). So yeah...yay!

Anywho...I think that's it.

As always, Live Long and Prosper...and DFTBA.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Does Your Deprivity Know No Bounds?

I like putting quotes as titles. I don't know why, I just do.

Anywho, couple of things.

Firsts, you should all go check out my friend TheForgottenV on blogger. Her blog is called Oh Look! It's So...I Have NO IDEA What That Is. It is fantastic and wonderful and mildly vulgar, but she is amazingful, and you should go see her. There is a lot of musical...ness. So if your into that kind of thing, than it's all the more reason I want you to go.

Second, HANK AND JOHN GREEN JUST RELEASED THEIR 1,000TH VIDEO!! I can't believe that they already have 1,000 videos. And I've only watched roughtly 1/10 of them. Wow...that puts things in perspective.

But seriously, this fantastic! Congratulations to Hank and John Green, and may you have 1,000 more. And eventually...I hope you'll have...wait for it...OVER 9,000!!

See what I did there? OVER 9,000? No? You need to get on the Internet more...or I need to get out more. But me getting out requires too much effort, so you should be on the Internet more.

Third, another new episode of Doctor Who comes on tomorrow. *Le sigh* And, as usual, I won't be able to see it. This really bites, not being able to watch new episodes. But at least I have Sherlock Season 2 to rewatch...again. Or or OR...I could watch The Prince of Egypt, that helps. Especially hearing Voldemort sing. I could always watch that.

Let's  see...wait...what's this?

OH MY GAAWWD!!! I went on IMDb to see if any epic people had a birthday today, and I decided to look up Steven Moffat...and I learned that HE WROTE THE SCREENPLAY TO THE ADVENTURE OF TINTIN!!! NOW I HAVE A NEW MOVIE TO WATCH!!! I wonder if he kills of TinTin...seems like a Moffat thing to do. BUT NOW I REALLY WANT TO WATCH IT BECAUSE ANYTHING MOFFAT WRITES IS FANTASTICLY BRILLIANT!!

*Hem hem* Anyway...

Also, they came out with a rumored title for the new Star Trek movie! Apparently, the title is called Star Trek Into Darkness and BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH IS GOING TO BE THE VILLIAN AND OH MY GOSH!  OH. MY. GAWWD!!!!!

Sorry. I'm fangirling. I'll stop now.

Anyway, have a fantastic night/day/whatever time it is when you are reading this.

Live Long and Prosper...and DFTBA.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

15,000+ Pageviews!!!!

Hey guys...what's up?
What's that? I have how many pageviews?
Really? Over 15,000??
Oh my GAAWWWD!!!!!!!

This is fantastic! Absolutely brilliant! Flipping fantastic! Thanks so much for coming here!!

Alright, so, in honor of this rather significant achievement, maybe I should start off with a recap on what this blog is all about. For those of you who are regular readers, you may skip this part.
This blog is mainly about nerdiness. There is no "feelings" talk, nor personal stuff, because I know that all of you could care less about what happens in my personal life. No, this blog is about epicness. Sheer, unadulterated epicness. Whether you're a Whovian, a Sherlockian, a Potterhead, a Twi-hard, a nerdfighter, a do-nut (pronounced Doo-nut), an alien with multiple heads, a Galactic Hitchhiker, whatever. We cater to it. But don't expect any Justin Beiber/One Direction/Jersey Shore/Kardashian stuff on here. Unless it's your punishment.

Most of the media is found over the interwebs, and I should mention (again), that no copyright infringement stuff is intended. I just share epicness. I don't mean to steal your heart and soul.

Most of the stuff I touch up on are things that I find epic. But if they're is something you want me to cover, then just shoot me a comment and I'll get back to you.

Which leads me into this; comments are appreciated! I love hearing feedback from you guys, because it makes me feel that I'm not doing this for no apparent reason than to take up valuable Internet space.

Erm...yeah. I think that's it. If there are other things you want to know, head to the about page.
Alright, so nerd news!

As you know, the Doctor Who season has started last week...and I can't watch it. Which means that I can't see DI Greg Lestrade (Rupert Graves) and Arthur Weasely (Mark Williams) and Argus Filch (David Bradly) be all epic and stuffs tonight.

And I was really looking forward to seeing Lestrade!!!!

For those of you who don't know, here are they're pictures.

Rupert Graves (a.k.a. DI Greg Lestrade)
Mark Williams (a.k.a. Arthur Weasely)

David Bradley (a.k.a. Argus Filch)

Anywho...let's see...what else.

OOH! I ALMOST FORGOT!!! IT'S MARTIN FREEMAN'S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! Happy Birthday, Martin!! For those of you who don't know who he is, he plays John Watson in Sherlock, he was Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and he will be Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming Hobbit Trilogy. And if you're still clueless, here's a picture.

Martin Freeman and all his amazingness.

So...yeah. Happy Birthday, Martin Freeman! May your day be abolutely frickin' fantastic!

Aand I think that's it.

Live Long and Prosper...and DFTBA.